Bioactivity screening unit

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitFaculty of Pharmacy
Responsible personPäivi Tammela
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionThe Bioactivity Screening Unit provides access to instrumentation and technologies amenable for a wide range of applications in drug discovery, chemical biology and related research fields. Our instrumentation cover automated liquid handling and various detection technologies, allowing flexible design and use of bioassays from biochemical to complex cell-based assays. We also offer guidance in assay selection, development and validation, HTS and follow-up assays. The unit is a member of the Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology (DDCB) network, a national infrastructure platform supported by Biocenter Finland.
Components of the research infrastructureThe main instrumentation of the unit includes 1) Biomek FX liquid handling workstation (dual bridge system with 96-multichannel and Span-8 pods, designed especially to allow cell-based applications), 2) Varioskan Flash multi-mode plate reader (for fluorometry, TRF, photometry, luminometry; from 6- to 1536-well plates; scanning option; dispensers on board), 3) Victor multi-mode plate reader (fluorometry, TRF, photometry, luminometry; from 6- to 1536-well plates). In addition, the unit has access to microbial and animal cell culture facilities (BSL2) and has various other instruments, such as CO2 incubators, plate incubators, automated pipettes, etc.
Biocenter 2
Phone+358 2941 59628

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