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  1. Experimental constraints on hydrothermal indium transport

    Wagner, T., Loges, A., Huotari, S., Schmidt, C., Wilke, M. & Testemale, D.


    Project: Research project

  2. Chemical controls on gold transport and deposition in orogenic lode-gold systems

    Wagner, T., Fusswinkel, T., Kalliomäki, H., Boyce, A., Heinrich, C., Sakellaris, G. & Trumbull, R.


    Project: Research project

  3. Groundwater Surface water interaction at Lake Pyhäjärvi

    Korkka-Niemi, K., Rautio, A. B. K., Wiebe, A., Rudolph, D., Conant, B., Isola, O., Tarvainen, M., Ventelä, A., Kirkkala, T. & Karhu, J.

    04/01/2010 → …

    Project: Research project

  4. Remote sensing and GIS in biodiversity modelling

    Luoto, M.


    Project: Research project