Molecular Interactions - Biacore T100

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitBiosciences
Responsible personMaria Aatonen
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionBiacore Core Facility in the department of biosciences provides interaction analysis services and training for new users. Biacore can monitor almost any molecular interactions as long as one of the interaction partners can be immobilized on a sensor surface. It characterizes molecules in terms of their specificity of their interaction, on and off rates (kinetics), binding strength (affinity) and thermodynamics. It can also be used in concentration measurements of active biomolecule. Biacore utilizes label-free technology which can be used to study: protein interactions from small peptides to multiple sub-unit protein complexes, membrane biochemistry or membrane-bound receptor interactions using native membranes, artificial membranes or vesicles, replication, transcription and translation of nucleic acids, hybridization of DNA and RNA, the specific recognition of cell surface carbohydrates and the effects of glycosylation on molecular interactions
Viikinkaari 5D (P.O. Box 56)
Biocenter 2, 3017
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone+358 (2) 941 59361

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