Mouse Behavioural Phenotyping Facility

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitNeuroscience Center
Responsible personVootele Voikar
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionMouse genetic models play a key role in the investigation of molecular pathways underlying normal biological functions or pathological states. The models require extensive analysis at various levels of complexity. Behavioural testing is an important approach in comprehensive studies aimed at understanding psychiatric and neurological diseases. The analysis of mouse behaviour in laboratory conditions is undergoing a rapid evolution, and a growing need exists for expertise in this field. Behavioural core unit is a state-of-the-art laboratory providing collaboration-based service for researchers interested in behavioural or neuropharmacological examination of the mice. Unit provides professional assistance in design and implementation of behavioural experiments, as well as in data analysis and interpretation.
Mustialankatu 1G

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