NOW (New and Old Worlds) fossil mammal database

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitDepartment of Geosciences and Geography
Responsible personMikael Fortelius
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionThe NOW (New and Old Worlds) fossil mammal database contains information about Cenozoic land mammal taxa and localities. The emphasis of the database has been on the European Miocene and Pliocene but North American localities, covering the whole Cenozoic, were added to the public database in 2016. African localities are currently being added and updated, and the temporal scale is also becoming wider for both Eurasia and Africa, with Pleistocene and Paleogene localities being added into the database. The NOW database is maintained and coordinated by Mikael Fortelius in collaboration with associate coordinators, a steering group and an international advisory board.

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