Plant growth facilities

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitFaculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionPlant growth facilities offer services and facilities for production and maintenance of plant material (often GMO), seed production and for experimental projects in plant biotechnology, breeding, ecology, genetics and genomics, molecular biology, pathology and physiology. Plant sciences are a research focus at both faculties and plant growth facilities are among the central infrastructures for the Viikki Campus.
Components of the research infrastructurePlant growth cabinets (~15) and phytotrons for controlled experimentation, plant growth rooms (6) for production of experimental material (GMO), greenhouses and experimental fields (GMO approved). Growth cabinets will be upgraded during 2012 by a new phytotron with capability to regulate the temperature down to below freezing point (with full daylight illumination level) and to control composition of the air. In addition, equipment to monitor both the plants and the air are installed, with special analytical instruments located outside of the phytotron.

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