Thermo CellInsight

Researchinfrastructure: Equipment

Managing organisational unitInstitute of Biotechnology
Responsible personHarri Jäälinoja
Available to users outside UHYes
DescriptionCellomics CellInsight is a desktop microscope for imaging wellplates. <a href="">google</a> CellInsight accepts most well-plate types, and it is possible to design custom sample geometries for example for sample micro arrays. As there is no CO2 chamber or heating, the system not intended for live cell work.
Components of the research infrastructure

Olympus UPlanFL N 10x/0.3 (Air)
Olympus LUCPlanFL N 20x/0.45 (Air) (with collar to correct for plate bottom thickness)
Only one objective at a time is mounted on the microscope. If you need to change it, please ask LMU staff for help.


There are four excitation LEDs and a quad dichroic/emitter filterset.
Excitation wavelengths:
386±23 nm
485±20 nm
549±15 nm
630±13 nm

Emission wavelengths:
440±40 nm
521±21 nm
607±34 nm
700±45 nm
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