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  1. NSPT: A new species of Pogonatum from Taiwan

    Hyvönen, J., Bell, N. & Shevock, J.

    Project: Research project

  2. PLAGE: Genetic diversity, conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources

    Poczai, P., Amiryousefi, A., Cseh, A., Karsai, I., Balla, K., Kiss, T., Bányai, J. & Illés, K.


    Project: Research project

  3. SOLPHYLO: Phylogenetic Relationships and Organellar Genome Evolution in Solanaceae

    Poczai, P., Hyvönen, J., Amiryousefi, A., Aubriot, X., Sablok, G., Särkinen, T., Knapp, S., Buerki, S., Syfert, M., He, X., Gagnon, E., Orejuela, A., Barboza, G., Baden, M. & van der Weerden, G. M.

    Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Uudenmaan liitto


    Project: Research project

  4. LePo: Lectotypification of Polytrichum commune

    Hyvönen, J., Bell, N. & Price, M.

    15/11/2015 → …

    Project: Research project

  5. PP: On phylogeny of Pogonatum

    Hyvönen, J. & Bell, N.

    13/08/2015 → …

    Project: Research project

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