Environmental Policy Research Group (EPRG)

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  1. JanneHukkinen.jpg

    Hukkinen, Janne

    Research Topics: 519 Social and economic geography (Environmental Policy, Environmental Governance, Sustainability science, Science and Technology Studies, Futures Studies, Arctic studies, Environmental social science, Science Policy, Science Communication, Sustainability transition) , 6162 Cognitive science (Cognitive Linguistics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Psychology) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Nutrient cycling, Carbon Capture and Storage, Forest Governance, industrial ecology)

  2. Isoaho, Karoliina

    Research Topics: 5142 Social policy (energy transitions, energy policy and discourse, technology decline, decarbonisation in Europe)

  3. arhon_virallinen_kuva.jpg

    Toikka, Arho

    Research Topics: 5142 Social policy (Environmental Policy, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, social policy)