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Metapopulation Research Centre (MRC) at the University of Helsinki was established in 1991 by professor and Academician Ilkka Hanski. The strength of our research is the ability to combine ecological, molecular, computational and theoretical approaches in the same projects. The focus of our research is to apply the core concepts of metapopulation biology, e.g. species inhabiting fragmented landscapes, to management and conservation of habitats and biodiversity. MRC has more than 70 researchers, post graduate students and supporting personnel representing over twenty nationalities. MRC has been a Centre-of-Excellence in research nominated by the national research council from year 2000.

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  1. Blood concentrations of p,p′-DDE and PCBs in harriers breeding in Spain and Kazakhstan

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  3. Shared larval rearing environment, sex, female size and genetic diversity shape Ae. albopictus bacterial microbiota

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