Department of World Cultures

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Organisation Profile

The Department of World Cultures was launched on 1 January 2010. The department comprises four former departments:

  • Institute for Asian and African Studies
  • Department of Classical Philology
  • Renvall Institute for Area and Cultural Studies
  • Department of Comparative Religion

From this foundation the new department aims to deepen its special competence as an institution of Interdisciplinary teaching and research, where the teaching is based on high-quality research.The Department of World Cultures is uniquely placed in teaching many rare languages and cultures as the sole academic institution in Finland.

The aim of the Department of World Cultures is

  • to research the languages, cultures, societies and religion both contemporary and past in various regions of the world (Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, the Nordic countries, Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific)
  • to develop theories and methods of area and cultural studies as well as language research
  • to educate experts in these language and cultural regions for the needs of society
  • to function as a visible opinion leader in the disciplines in question within the surrounding society.

Latest publications

  1. Muslimiveljeskunta globaalina vihollisena: Egypti, Trump ja Ruotsin moskeijat

    Publication: Contribution to journalE1 Popular article, newspaper article

  2. Haminan kantonistikoulu 1784-1824 ja sen jatkaja Helsingin kantonistikoulu 1824-1831

    Publication: Contribution to book/anthologyE1 Popular contribution to book/other compilations

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