Doctoral school in environmental, biological and food sciences

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  1. Adebayo, Folasade

    Research Topics: 999 Others (Human Nutrition, Health Sciences)

  2. Ahmed, Muhammad Nouman

    Research Topics: 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology (Microbial biotechnology, Cyanobacteria, Natural Products, Protease inhibitors)

  3. Laura_Alakukku_2171.jpg

    Alakukku, Laura

    Research Topics: 4111 Agronomy (Environmental technology in agriculture, soil management, Agricultural engineering, agrotechnlogy) , 415 Other agricultural sciences

  4. IMG_20190127_170333_1.jpg

    Alam, Syed Ariful

    Research Topics: 416 Food Science (Food Processing, Food Technology, Food Texture, High-fibre Cereal Foods, Extrusion, Particle Size Reduction, X-ray Microtomography, Food Oral Processing, In vitro Digestibility, Food Structure, Electromyography, Particle size, Bolus properties, R&D)

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