Environmental Sciences

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  1. ECGS_Jaanika2_Veikko_Somerpuro.jpg

    Blomster, Jaanika

    Research Topics: 1172 Environmental sciences (marine ecosystems, algae, biodiesel, omega-3, fatty acids) , 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology (Population biology, systematics) , 516 Educational sciences (research-based teaching)

  2. Kahvikuppi19102012162.jpg

    Haapasaari, Päivi

    Research Topics: 999 Others (Fisheries social science, Fisheries management, Fisheries research, Bayesian modelling) , 5141 Sociology (Environmental Sciences, Environmental sociology, Environmental Policy, Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology) , 6160 Other humanities

  3. JanneHukkinen.jpg

    Hukkinen, Janne

    Research Topics: 519 Social and economic geography (Environmental Policy, Environmental Governance, Sustainability science, Science and Technology Studies, Futures Studies, Arctic studies, Environmental social science, Science Policy, Science Communication, Sustainability transition) , 6162 Cognitive science (Cognitive Linguistics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Psychology) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Nutrient cycling, Carbon Capture and Storage, Forest Governance, industrial ecology)

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