Equine and Small Animal Medicine

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Organisation Profile

The Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine is located on the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki.

The headquarters of the Department share the Clinicum building with the University Teaching Hospital. The Department comprises four disciplines: equine medicine, small animal medicine, veterinary diagnostics, and veterinary pharmacology and toxicology. Painrelated studies at the Pain Research Center focus on canines and felines. Validated diagnostic (Helsinki Chronic Pain Index) and innovative imaging (thermography) methods raise our clinical pain-related know-how to the highest international level. A project in canine cognition opens new approaches to the minds of our best friends. The pathophysiology and clinical treatment of canine intestinal and pulmonary diseases are of the highest level.

Equine research concentrates on laminitis and osteoarthritis. The development of diagnostic tests, which could easily be adjusted in practice, is also a central interest. Prevalence and epidemiology studies of equine polyneuropathy are conducted through Nordic cooperation.

The Clinical Research Laboratory offers ample opportunities for extensive research.

The national ANIWEL Graduate School in Animal Welfare is directed at the Department. ANIWEL focuses on clinical veterinary research and animal welfare for the years 2010-13.

Researchers in the Animal Pain Center are active mainly in the operations of the Research Centre for Animal Welfare, a cooperative network of experts in the field at the University of Helsinki.


Latest research outputs

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  2. Soil exposure modifies the gut microbiota and supports immune tolerance in a mouse model

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