Finnish Museum of Natural History

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The Universities Act states (as of January 1, 2010):

  ”In the University of Helsinki functions the Finnish Museum of Natural History, which is responsible of the curation, augmentation, and presentation of the national natural history collections as well as of research and teaching based on these.

Specific tasks of the FMNH are to:
1. conduct research in its focal fields;
2. function as a centre of expertise in stable isotope dating methods;
3. function as a specialist authority in its field to support the environmental administration ;
4. practice public outreach and popular-scientific publishing in the field of natural history;
5. offer its collections for use by research and tuition especially in zoology, geology, botany, and mycology within the University of Helsinki;

6. coordinate the research, monitoring, and collection work of the natural history collections and botanic gardens of Finland

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