Swedish School of Social Science

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  1. Rolle_Alho_2.jpg

    Alho, Rolle

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology , 5142 Social policy , 517 Political science , 999 Others (Ethnic Relations, Migration, Labour market) , 516 Educational sciences

  2. 2316739_.jpg

    Aminkeng Atabong, Alemanji

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Sociology of Education, Race, Racism, Antirasism, social sciences) , 5200 Other social sciences (Ethnic Relations)

  3. Bauvois_Gwenaelle_E3F9185.jpg

    Bauvois, Gwenaëlle

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology (ethnic relations, populism, nationalism, social media, post-truth)

  4. Bergman, Mats

    Research Topics: 518 Media and communications (Philosophy of Communication, semiotics) , 611 Philosophy (Pragmatism, Peirce Studies)

  5. Bergman-Pyykkönen, Marina

    Research Topics: 5145 Social work (boundary crossing collaboration, Professional Development, knowledge creation, family mediation, divorce and parenting)

  6. 3_E3F6807.jpg

    Blomberg-Kroll, Helena

    Research Topics: 5142 Social policy (Nordic countries, Welfare state, Nordic Model, Social service, Nordic welfare states, Power, Media, Integration, Immigrants, Welfare, Welfare policy, values and attitudes) , 5145 Social work (Nordic countries, Professions, Social services, welfare state, popular attitudes, social workers' perceptions of social problems, comparative studies , the welfare state in media, stress , well-being)

  7. _E3F2725B_rlund_Johan_painophoto_HY_Linda_Tammisto.jpg

    Bärlund, Johan C

    Research Topics: 513 Law (contract law, consumer law, market law, tort law)

  8. Eklund, Andreas

    Research Topics: 517 Political science (Democratisation, Nondemocratic regimes, Authoritarianism, Political systems)

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