Swedish School of Social Science

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  1. Rolle_Alho_2.jpg

    Alho, Rolle

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology , 5142 Social policy , 517 Political science , 999 Others (Ethnic Relations, Migration, Labour market) , 516 Educational sciences

  2. 3_E3F6807.jpg

    Blomberg-Kroll, Helena

    Research Topics: 5142 Social policy (Nordic countries, Welfare state, Nordic Model, Social service, Nordic welfare states, Power, Media, Integration, Immigrants, Welfare, Welfare policy, values and attitudes) , 5145 Social work (welfare state, popular attitudes, Nordic countries, social workers' perceptions of social problems, stress and well-being, the welfare state in media, comparative studies , Professions, Social service)

  3. creutz_karin.jpg

    Creutz, Karin

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology (Nationalism, Islamophobia, Racism, Xenophobia, Far-Right Politics, Anti-Muslim Fringe, Populism, Radicalisation, Ethnicity, Immigration, Integration, Transnationalism, Power, Post-Colonialism, Epistemology, Border dynamics) , 518 Media and communications (Representations, Rhetorical Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Cultural Studies)

  4. CEREN_.jpg

    Gao, Grace I-An

    Research Topics: 517 Political science (indigenous peoples, Long-term care, comparative politics, self-determination, decolonization, social rights, cultural rights)

  5. Sebastian[1].JPG

    Godenhjelm, Sebastian

    Research Topics: 517 Political science (Governance, Project Management, Policy analysis, Regional development, Democracy, Evaluation)

  6. Omakuva._Kuva_Hanna_Weselius.jpg

    Haapanen, Lauri

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (relation between spoken and written language, direct quotations) , 518 Media and communications (quotations, journalistic practise)

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