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Systematic theology deals with dogmatics, ecumenics, ethics and the philosophy of religion. Since the beginning of the 1980´s the research interests of the department have focused on the Reformation, on medieval philosophy and theology as well as on basic questions of modern theology. New research projects include ethical problems in human gene technology and contextual theology.

Research is conducted in active cooperation with Nordic, German and American scholars . Cooperation with Nordic scholars is especially intense in Reformation studies. Other significant contacts include the University of Utrecht, the University of Oxford and the Institut für Europäische Geschihcte in Mainz.

The department has engaged foreign scholarships holders in these research projects on medieval philosophy and theology. Organizing and participating in research and postgraduate seminars and conferences is a central activity at the department.

Latest publications

  1. Päin helvettiä?: Ympäristöahdistus ja toivo

    Publication: Book/anthologyE2 Popular monograph

  2. Sanan aika: Raamattua vuoden jokaiselle päivälle, kirkkovuosi 2017-2018

    Publication: Book/anthologyE3 Edited popularised book

  3. “Scriptural Reasoning as a Method of Interreligious Dialogue in China”

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

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