Swedish School of Social Science

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  1. Developing Development Studies II

    Siitonen, L., Oinas, E., Kontinen, T., Komba, A., Msoka, C. & Mumba, M.


    Project: Other projectDevelopment

  2. IJI: Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe and the Asia-Pacific

    Zilliacus, K., Moring, T., Rupar, V., Matheson, D., Munk, I. & Slot Jørgensen, A.


    Project: Other projectEducation

  3. Neo-Assimilationist Political Discourses and Integration Policies

    Wakamatsu, K. & Wahlbeck, Ö.

    Mitsubishi Foundation


    Project: Research project

  4. Nuoret ja poliittisuus nyky-Afrikassa

    Oinas, E.


    Project: Research project

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