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The Zoology Unit, part of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, is a scientific research unit specializing on animal species diversity. The research includes studies on systematics, taxonomy, zoogeography as well as faunal surveys and monitoring projects.

The Unit has by far the largest animal specimen collection in Finland, comprising about 8 million items. Every year, tens of thousands of specimens are added. The collections are primarily used in research of animal systematics, and also for teaching purposes and environmental studies.

The Zoology Unit also houses large observational databases and archives. The directing unit of Finland's bird ringing research, Ringing Centre, is also located here. Services provided by the museum include expert advise to individuals, businesses and the government.


Latest publications

  1. METSO-petolintuhanke - tutkimuksen soveltamista ja uusia avauksia

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  2. Saaristomeren kalansaaliissa näkyvät kannanvaihtelut.

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  3. Genetic diversity and evolution

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