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  1. Bach, Johannes

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (Assyriology, Literary history, Intertextuality, Identity construction in Ancient Near Eastern Empires)

  2. DSC_0897.JPG

    Backman, Janne

    Research Topics: 3121 Internal medicine (Clinical Pharmacology)

  3. Backman, Jussi

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Continental philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, history of philosophy, ancient philosophy, Presocratic philosophy, Heidegger, Martin, Parmenides, Aristotle, Arendt, Hannah, Badiou, Alain, Meillassoux, Quentin, Derrida, Jacques, conceptual history)

  4. Balboa , Diego

    Research Topics: 1184 Genetics, developmental biology, physiology (Stem Cell Biology, stem cells, human pluripotent stem cells, Diabetes, Disease modelling, Genome Editing, CRISPR)

  5. GiB_photo_Tuhat.jpg

    Balistreri, Giuseppe

    Research Topics: 1183 Plant biology, microbiology, virology (virus-cell interactions, virus entry, viruses and mRNA decay, translation regulation, cell cycle, Stress response, intrinsic immunity) , 1182 Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology (virus-cell interactions, cell-cell communication, 3D organoids, membrane trafficking, high-content automated microscopy, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Super-resolution microscopy, Correlative light-electron microscopy)

  6. LBfoto3.png

    Balode, Laimute

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (Baltic languages, onomastics, lexicology, lexicography)

  7. Banna, Marjatta

    Research Topics: 999 Others

  8. MatjazBarboric.jpg

    Barboric, Matjaz

    Research Topics: 118 Biological sciences (gene expression, transcription elongation, P-TEFb, 7SK snRNP, pre-mRNA splicing, HIV-1 gene regulation)

  9. Johan_Bastubacka_2.jpg

    Bastubacka, Johan

    Research Topics: 614 Theology (Practical Theology, Law and religion , Liturgical studies, Hymnology, Rituals , Lay liturgical activity, Byzantine studies) , 518 Media and communications (Religion and Communication, Social media and religion ) , 6132 Visual arts and design (Art and religion , Orthodox iconography )

  10. Bate, David

    Research Topics: 111 Mathematics (real analysis, geometric measure theory)

  11. Battersby, Brendan

    Research Topics: 314 Health sciences (molecular genetics, metabolism, mitochondria, Gene expression)

  12. Baumann, Marc

    Research Topics: 3111 Biomedicine

  13. MerjaBauters.png

    Bauters, Merja

    Research Topics: 113 Computer and information sciences (User Experience, Interfaces, Habits) , 518 Media and communications (Social media and learning, Practices, Meaning creation) , 611 Philosophy (Semiotics, Embodiment, Mediation)

  14. Bauvois_Gwenaelle_E3F9185.jpg

    Bauvois, Gwenaëlle

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology (ethnic relations, populism, nationalism, social media, post-truth)

  15. Bazsinka, Tamas

    Research Topics: 3111 Biomedicine

  16. Beauregard, Robert

    Research Topics: 514 Sociology (Urban Studies) , 520 Other social sciences (Social and Urban Theory) , 519 Social and economic geography (Urban Geography)

  17. fullsizeoutput_4fa6.jpeg

    Begley, Justin

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (early modern England, history of science, history of philosophy, environmental humanities, intellectual history) , 6122 Literature studies (early modern literature)

  18. Bekhta, Natalya

    Research Topics: 6122 Literature studies (Narratology, Comparative literature, World-Literature)

  19. Belevich, Ilya

    Research Topics: 1182 Biochemistry, cell and molecular biology (Electron microscopy, Image processing, Image analysis, 3D imaging)

  20. Belyaev, Ramil

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Diaspora, Tatar, Ethnicity, Minorities, Identity)

  21. Saija_Profile_pic.jpg

    Benjamin, Saija

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Identity & worldview development, Resilience, Wellbeing, Youth, International education, Positive Psychology, Radicalisation, Extremism, School context, Inequality)

  22. Picture1.jpg

    Berg, Patricia

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (Egyptology)

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