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  1. K_Hahl_2016.jpg

    Hahl, Kaisa

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Subject teacher education, Intercultural education, Multicultural education, International education, Foreign language education, Early teaching of foreign languages) , 6121 Languages (English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), English teaching)

  2. Kaakkola, Seppo

  3. 20151116_153600.jpg

    Kaarakainen, Minna

    Research Topics: 517 Political science (health policy and management, welfare policy)

  4. Heli1.JPG

    Kaatrakoski, Heli

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (development, discourse, change, organisations, work, public sector, customers, concepts)

  5. Kahanpää, Jere

    • Coordinator, Fil. maist., tähtitiede, Zoology

    Research Topics: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology

  6. Elina_Kahla_3.jpg

    Kahla, Elina

    Research Topics: 612 Languages and Literature (Venäjän kulttuuri ja kirjallisuus) , 614 Theology (Orthodox Church and Society) , 6132 Visual arts and design (Iconograpraphy) , 5141 Sociology (Russian and East European Studies)

  7. kahlas_t.jpg

    Kahlas-Tarkka, Leena

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (English philology, historical linguistics, medieval studies)

  8. katja_pic.jpg

    Kahlina, Katja

    Research Topics: 5200 Other social sciences (Gender Studies, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Nationalism Studies, Social Movements, inequality, Queer International Relations, Feminist IR, Sexuality)

  9. Kahlos_9.jpg

    Kahlos, Maijastina

    Research Topics: 614 Theology (Early Christianity) , 612 Languages and Literature (Classics, Latin language and Roman literature) , 615 History and Archaeology (Ancient history, Late antiquity)

  10. profilbild2.jpg

    Kaihovirta, Matias

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (Minority-nationalism and socialism. Labour history. Class and ethnicity.)

  11. untitled.jpg

    Kainov, Denis

    Research Topics: 312 Clinical medicine (Influenza virus, respiratory infections) , 118 Biological sciences (Virus, Drugs, Immunity, Health)

  12. Kainu, Annette

    Research Topics: 3121 Internal medicine

  13. Kuva2_sp_1708_2018.jpg

    Kairavuori, Seija

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Art Education, Didactics of Visual Arts)

  14. Kaisalo, Leena

    Research Topics: 116 Chemical sciences (Orgaaninen kemia)

  15. Kaisanlahti, Timo

    Research Topics: 513 Law

  16. Kaisto_Janne.jpg

    Kaisto, Janne

    Research Topics: 513 Law

  17. P_K.jpg

    Kaitaniemi, Pekka

    Research Topics: 4112 Forestry (boreal trees, mixed stands, computational ecology, models)

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