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  1. Riikka.jpg

    Taavetti, Riikka

    Research Topics: 5201 Political History (Queer History, Politics of Memory, Politics of History, Oral History, Cultural Memory Studies)

  2. Tacer Caba, Zeynep

    Research Topics: 416 Food Science (Food Packaging, cereal science and technology, Functional foods)

  3. Tahko.jpg

    Tahko, Tuomas E.

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Modality, Realism, Natural Kinds, Essentialism, Metametaphysics, A Priori Knowledge, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosopical Methodology, Metaphilosophy)

  4. Tahkokallio, Jaakko Kalervo

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (Medieval England and France, Medieval historical writing, Manuscript studies, History of Medieval Finland)

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