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    Alava, Henni

    Research Topics: 5203 Development Studies (Northern Uganda, African Christianities, Anglican church, Catholic church, post-conflict, ethnography)

  2. Brockhaus_Maria_E3F4996_photo_Linda_Tammisto.jpg

    Brockhaus, Maria

    Research Topics: 4112 Forestry (Political Economy, Policy analysis, Environmental Governance, Institutional Economics, Societal Transformations, Climate Change) , 517 Political science (Policy Network Analysis, Discourse Analysis) , 5203 Development Studies (Rural and economic sociology, West Africa, South East Asia, Latin America, Central Africa)

  3. Chagnon, Christopher Wetherel

    Research Topics: 5203 Development Studies (China, China's modern and contemporary history, Africa, International Development, South-South Relations, Development Economics, African Studies, Foreign Direct Investment, Aid, Development Assistance)

  4. Gills, Barry

    Research Topics: 5203 Development Studies (Globalization, Political Economy of Development, Democratisation, Resistance, Global Crisis, World System Theory, World System History, Politics of Development, BRICS, Global Governance)

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