Anna Mauranen

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  1. CLUMP: Chunking in language: units of meaning and processing

    Mauranen, A., Vetchinnikova, S., Palva, S. & Anurova, I.


    Project: Research project_Research

  2. Linguistic Diversity on the International Campus

    Mauko, I. & Mauranen, A.


    Project: Research project_Research

  3. Global English (GlobE)

    Mauranen, A., Hakala, H., Hynninen, N., Suviniitty, J. M., Ranta, E. & Carey, R.

    Unknown funder


    Project: Research project

  4. Studying in English as a Lingua Franca (SELF)

    Mauranen, A., Hakala, H., Hynninen, N., Pilkinton-Pihko, D., Suviniitty, J. M., Carey, R. & Solin, A.

    University of Helsinki Research Funds


    Project: Research project