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Description of research and teaching

Dr. Kaprio has worked in epidemiology, in particular genetic epidemiology. His central interests have been in the study of adult chronic disease and the development of their behavioral risk factors with a focus on addictions and metabolic conditions. In particular genetic and environmental factors affecting smoking, alcohol use, physical inactivity, sleep and obesity have been studied using twin, family and molecular genetic approaches. 

He has worked with the Finnish Cohort studies since 1976, and has been responsible for a steady expansion of the included cohorts and very extensive phenotyping through repeated questionnaire and interview surveys, biosample collections and record-linkage to national medical registries. He is an internationally recognized expert in epidemiology and twin studies with over 700 original scientific publications. He has had continuous NIH funding for the past 25 years and was Director of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics (2007-2011). He has received several international science awards and he has been President of the International Society for Twin Studies. He is President of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco European chapter in 2011-2012. He has supervised  35 PhD students and received the Maud Kuistila award for excellence in doctoral training. In 2012, he was appointed to an Academy of Finland professorship for 2013-2017.

Education information

Jaakko Kaprio, M.D., Ph.D. is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Research Professor in Behavioral Genetics at the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki. He graduated from medical school (University of Helsinki) in 1976, and defended his PhD in Epidemiology in 1984. He has trained abroad at the University of Southern California, Indiana University and University of Michigan in 1987-1989.
Further information on the affiliationProfessor of Genetic Epidemiology, University of Helsinki & Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine FIMM

Highlighted publications

  1. A population-specific HTR2B stop codon predisposes to severe impulsivity

    Bevilacqua, L., Doly, S., Kaprio, J., Yuan, Q., Tikkanen, R., Paunio, T., Zhou, Z., Wedenoja, J., Maroteaux, L., Diaz, S., Belmer, A., Hodgkinson, C. A., Dell'Osso, L., Suvisaari, J., Coccaro, E., Rose, R. J., Peltonen, L., Virkkunen, M. & Goldman, D. 2010 In : Nature. 468, 7327 , p. 1061-U460 8 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  2. Genome-wide meta-analyses identify multiple loci associated with smoking behavior

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    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  3. Sequence variants at CHRNB3-CHRNA6 and CYP2A6 affect smoking behavior

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    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  4. Personality Traits and Cancer Risk and Survival Based on Finnish and Swedish Registry Data

    Nakaya, N., Bidstrup, P. E., Saito-Nakaya, K., Frederiksen, K., Koskenvuo, M., Pukkala, E., Kaprio, J., Floderus, B., Uchitomi, Y. & Johansen, C. 2010 In : American Journal of Epidemiology. 172, 4, p. 377-385 9 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  5. Heritability and Mortality Risk of Insomnia-Related Symptoms: A Genetic Epidemiologic Study in a Population-Based Twin Cohort

    Hublin, C., Partinen, M., Koskenvuo, M. & Kaprio, J. 2011 In : Sleep.. 34, 7, p. 957-964 8 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

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