Jörg Tiedemann

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  1. DiscoMT: Discourse-Oriented Statistical Machine Translation

    Tiedemann, J., Hardmeier, C., Loáiciga, S. & Scherrer, Y.


    Project: Research project

  2. OPUS: The Open Parallel Corpus

    Tiedemann, J.

    01/06/2004 → …

    Project: Research project

  3. LetsMT!: LetsMT! A Platform for Online Sharing of Training Data and Building User Tailored Machine Translation

    Tiedemann, J., Weinitz, P., Saers, M., Zumpe, M. & Schleussner, S.


    Project: Research project

  4. eSSENCE: Efficient Algorithms for Natural Language Processing Beyond Sentence Boundaries

    Nivre, J., Tiedemann, J. & Stymne, S.


    Project: Research project

  5. NLPL: Nordic Language Processing Laboratory

    Tiedemann, J. & Scherrer, Y.


    Project: Other project

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