Sampo Smolander

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  1. On present flux footprint modelling

    Vesala, T., Rinne, J., Sogachev, A., Smolander, S., Markkanen, T., Foken, T., Kljun, N., Sabelfeld, K. & Leclerc, M. Y. 2006 Proceedings of BACCI, NECC and FCoE activities 2005. Kulmala, M., Lindroth, A. & Ruuskanen, T. N. (eds.). Helsinki, p. 645-649 5 p. (Report Series in Aerosol Science; vol. 81B)

    Research output: ScientificChapter

  2. Fertilization has little effect on light-interception efficiency of Picea abies shoots

    Palmroth, S., Stenberg, P., Smolander, S., Voipio, P. & Smolander, H. Nov 2002 In : Tree Physiology. 22, 15-16, p. 1185-1192 8 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  3. A method for estimating light interception by a conifer shoot

    Smolander, S. & Stenberg, P. Aug 2001 In : Tree Physiology. 21, 12-13, p. 797-803 7 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  4. Modelling the methane emissions from northern peatland with the JSBACH model

    Tomasic, M., Smolander, S., Vesala, T., Raivonen, M., Markkanen, T., Backman , L. & Laaksonen, A. 2010 Proceedings of the Finnish Center of Excellence and Graduate School in 'Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change' Annual Workshop 17.-19.5.2010. Kulmala, M., Bäck, J. & Nieminen, T. (eds.). Helsinki: Finnish Association for Aerosol Research, 4 p. (Report series in aerosol science; no. 109)

    Research output: ScientificConference contribution

  5. SOSA – a new model to simulate the concentrations of organic vapours and sulphuric acid inside the ABL: Part 1: Model description and initial evaluation

    Boy, M., Sogachev, A., Lauros, J., Zhou, L., Guenther, A. & Smolander, S. 3 Jan 2011 In : Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 11, 1, p. 43-51 9 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  6. Interactions between Urban Vegetated Surfaces and the Atmosphere

    Vesala, T., Järvi, L., Rannik, U., Smolander, S., Sogachev, A. & Nikinmaa, E. 2009 Forest Canopies: Forest Production, Ecosystem Health and Climate Conditions. Creighton, J. D. & Roney, P. J. (eds.). Nova Science Publishers, p. 153-159 7 p. (Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology)

    Research output: ScientificChapter

  7. Shoot structure, light interception and distribution of nitrogen in an Abies amabilis canopy

    Stenberg, P., Smolander, H., Sprugel, D. & Smolander, S. Nov 1998 In : Tree Physiology. 18, 11, p. 759-767 9 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  8. A method to account for shoot scale clumping in coniferous canopy reflectance models

    Smolander, S. & Stenberg, P. 30 Dec 2003 In : Remote Sensing of Environment. 88, 4, p. 363-373 11 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  9. Climatic effects of increased leaf area: reduced surface albedo and increased transpiration : chapter 10.3.4

    Räisänen, J. & Smolander, S. 2008 Boreal forest and climate change. [Dordrecht]: Springer, p. 508-516 9 p. (Advances in Global Change Research; vol. 34)

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter

  10. Vertical variability and effect of stability on turbulence characteristics down to the floor of a pine forest

    Launiainen, S., Vesala, T., Mölder, M., Mammarella, I., Smolander, S., Rannik, U., Kolari, P., Hari, P., Lindroth, A. & Katul, G. Nov 2007 In : Tellus. Series B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology. 59B, 5, p. 919-936 18 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle