Sari Lindblom


Description of research and teaching


Student learning at university:

-approaches to learning

-disciplinary differences

-student profiles and study orchestrations

-regulation of studying

-interest and motivation to studying

-development of expertise during university studies

-generic skills, personal epistemology of students and conceptions of learning

-study problems

University teaching:

-the development of schlarship of teaching

-the effect of pedagogical courses on teachers' teaching

-disciplinary differences in teacher conceptions, approaches to teaching and teaching methods

-research-teaching nexus

The relationship between teaching and learning at university

-how students' appraoches to learning and teachers' appraoches to teaching and related to each other

-the effect of the characteristics of the teaching-learning environment on student learning

-students' perceptions of their teaching-learning environments

Quality, assessment and evaluation

-students' learning outcomes

-quality of teaching

-assessment practices

Research methodologies in the area of university pedagogy



For university teachers and academic staff:

Teachers' pedagogical qualifications (60 ECTS; designed, organised and taught by staff of the Centre for Research and Development of Higher Education - YTY):

Basic studies (25 ECTS)

-Teaching and learning at university (5 ECTS)

-Constructive alignment in course design (5 ECTS)

-Academic supervising (5 ECTS)

-Assessment of learning practices and quality of teaching (5 ECTS)

-Development of teaching and practical training (5 ECTS)

Advanced studies (35 ECTS)

Subject studies (18 ECTS)

-Didactics and discipline-specific approaches to teaching (4 ECTS)

-Curriculum design and quality assurance at university (4 ECTS)

-Education and society (4 ECTS)

-Psychology of learning (4 ECTS)

-Learning in groups (4 ECTS)

Practical training (10 ECTS)

-Practical training in university (5 ECTS)

-Practical training in school and adult education (5 ECTS)

Research on university pedagogy (7 ECTS)


For Bachelor and Master students of educational sciences:

-Academic writing

-Master thesis seminar

-Learning, teaching and assessment at university


For doctoral students:

-research seminar

Further information on the affiliationProfessor of Higher Education Director, Centre for Research and Development of Higher Education Vice Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences (research and doctoral education)

Curriculum Vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE (updated January 2017)

Sari Lindblom (default publishing name Lindblom-Ylänne)

(born 1960)

Married, three children, two grand-children



MA 1986 (psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki)

Licentiate thesis 1998 (cognitive science, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki)

PhD 1999 (educational psychology, medical education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki)

Title of Docent 2001 (educational psychology, University of Helsinki)



Vice-Rector, University of Helsinki, 2017-

Full Professor of Higher Education and Director, Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE), Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, 2004-



Researcher at the University of Helsinki 1987-1997 at the Faculty of Medicine. Short visiting researcher periods at the Departments of Psychology and Pharmacy and at the Faculty of Theology.

Conference manager, Innovations in Higher Education 2000 –conference, University of Helsinki, Academic Affairs Unit, 1.1.1998-31.7.2000

Senior University Lecturer of University Pedagogy, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, 1.8.2000-31.12.2003



1. Erika Löfström: Intuition and analysis at work. The role of cognitive style in experiences of work contexts, 9.3.2005

2. Nina Katajavuori: Vangittu tieto vapaaksi – Asiantuntijuus ja sen kehittyminen farmasiassa (The development of expertise in pharmacy), 11.3.2005

3. Heli Koskinen: Yliopistotentin murros. SOLO-taksonomia eläinlääketieteellisen lisääntymistieteen oppimistulosten arvioinnissa (The change of the examination. SOLO Taxonomy in the evaluation of student outcomes in veterinary preproduction sciences), 2005

4. Liisa Postareff: Teaching in higher education, 30.11.2007

5. Minna Kaartinen-Koutaniemi: Academic thinking and personal epistemology of university students, 24.4.2009

6. Telle Hailikari: Assessing university students’ prior knowledge. Implications for theory and practice, 8.1.2010

7. Saara Repo: Yhteisöllisyys voimavarana yliopisto-opetuksen ja -opiskelun kehittämisessä (A sense of community as a resource for developing university teaching and learning), 15.1.2010

8. Maijaleena Korppoo: Laatutyöhön sitoutumisen edellytykset ammattikorkeakoulussa (Quality work in the context of polytechics), 5.2.2010

9. Anna Parpala: Exploring the experiences and conceptions of good teaching in higher education - Development of a questionnaire for assessing students’ approaches to learning and their experiences of the teaching-learning environment, 7.5.2010

10. Anne Haarala-Muhonen: First-year law students' challenges in studying/Oikeustieteen ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijoiden haasteet opiskelussa, 6.5.2011

11. Kaisu Mälkki: Theorizing the nature of reflection, 10.6.2011

12. Johanna Mikkonen: Interest in university studies: its role and relation to other motivational variables, 3.2.2012

13. Kirsi Kettula: Towards professional growth: essays on learning and teaching forest economics and marketing through drama, role-play and reflective journals, 9.11.2012

14. Hannele Seppälä: Students' scientific thinking in higher education, 11.1.2013

15. Henna Asikainen: Successful learning and studying in biosciences, 17.1.2014

16. Yusuke Sakurai: Understanding factors contributing to the academic engagement of international university students, 12.12.2014

17. Heidi Hyytinen: Looking beyond the obvious - theoretical, empirical and methodological insights into critical thinking, under examination; publich defense May 22nd, 2015

18. Matti Aarnio: Collaborative knowledge construction in the context of problem-base learning: learning from conflicting ideas and knowledge; under examination, public defense May 30th, 2015

Current doctoral students

Milla Räisänen, academic emotions, cognitive strategies, self-efficacy beliefs and self- and co-regulation of undergraduates

Tarja Tuononen, generic skills and transition from university to the working life

Mikko Heiskanen, building a theory of creativity

Sirpa Korhonen, conceptual change and prospective memory

Riitta Kilpeläinen, learning outcomes of forestry graduates

Yangling Cao, teacher development

Laura Mendoza, academic writing



Opponent, Jarkko Mäkinen, University of Turku, Finland, 2003

Opponent, Mari Murtonen, University of Turku, Finland, 2005

Examiner and member of the examination board, Jan Nijhuis, 2006, University of Maastricht

External Examiner, Ian Sadler, University of Edinburgh, 2008

External Examiner, Carlos Gonzales, University of Sydney, 2008

Member of the examination committee, Anders Jönsson, University of Malmö, 2008

Opponent and member of the supervisory committee, Eva Kyndt, University of Leuven, 2011

Opponent and member of the jury, Gert Vanthournout, University of Antwerp, 2011

Member of the supervisory committee of Mariel Musso, University of Leuven, 2010-

Opponent, Anne Partanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 2011

Opponen, Jonna Koponen, University of Tampere, Finland, 2013

Opponen, Mirka Hintsanen, University of Tampere, Finland 2013

Pre-examiner of doctoral dissertations in Finland: Universities of Helsinki, Turku (3), Tampere, Jyväskylä and Kuopio



President of the World Education Research Association (WERA), 2014-2016

President-elect of the World Education Research Association (WERA), 2012-2014

President of EARLI (European Association for Research for Learning and Instruction) 2009-2011

President-Elect of EARLI 2007-2009

Member of Executive Committee of EARLI (European Association for Research for Learning and Instruction) 2005-2011

Coordinator of the SIG (Special Interest Group) Higher Education of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) 2001-2005

Educational Research Review, member of the Editorial Board 2005-

Studies in Higher Education Journal, member of the International Advisory Board 2005-

Consortium expert, TEMPUS project “Strategic management of staff development at university”, University of Zagreb, Croatia 2004-2006

European Chemistry Thematic Network, Chair of the Subgroup “Research-based teaching in Higher Education in Chemistry” 2006-2009

External Examiner of the Research Postgraduate and Doctor of Education programmes, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, 2015-2017

Review committee of ICO (National graduate school, Netherlands and Belgium), member, 2015



Scientific confidential posts:

Vice Dean for Research and Doctoral Education, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, 2014-2016

Director of Doctoral programme PsyCo (PSychology, Learning and Communication), 2014-2016

Helsinki University Collegium, member, 2014-2016

Helsinki University Scientific Board (TINE), member, 2014-2016

OTUS Scientific Advisory Board (Opiskelun ja koulutuksen tutkimussäätiö; Foundation for Research on Studying and Education), member, 2014-2016

Finnish Student Health Services, Helsinki-Espoo Service Unit, Chair of the Board of Directors, 2014-

Faculty Council, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, member, 2014-

Department Council, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, member, 2010-2013

National Medical School Entrance Examination Board, member 1997-2006-Helsinki University Faculty of Behavioural Sciences Development of Studies Board, member, 2004-2006

Support Group for the Reform of the Degree Structures (on the basis of the Bologna Declaration) at the University of Helsinki, member, 2003-2006

Working Group for the Development of Personal Study Plan (as an integral part of the new degree structures), chair, 2004

Committee for Educational Technology Award, the University of Helsinki, member, 2000-2003

International Evaluation of Quality of Education and the Degree Programmes of the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, coordinator, 2001-2002

Open University Development Board, member, 2004-2007

Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences 2007- (deputy member in the year 2006)

Committee for Evaluating the Quality of Teaching at the University of Helsinki, chair, 2007-

Steering Committee of the International Evaluation of Teaching and Degrees at the University of Helsinki, member, 2007-

Helsinki University Steering Committee for the Renewal of the Universities Act, subgroup of Societal Relations, member 2008-

Studie Generalia Scientific Board, member 2011-2014

Societal confidential posts:

Member of the National Matriculation Examination Board 2004-2009

Deputy Chair of the National Matriculation Examination Board 2007-2009

Chair of the Psychology Division of the National Matriculation Examination Board 2004-2009

Deputy Head (research and doctoral education), Institute of Behavioural Sciences, 2007-2013

Chair, board of directors of the Finnish Student Health Service Helsinki-Espoo unit, 2014-



University of Tokio and the National Entrance Examination Centre, Japan, 2001 (10 days)

University of Oxford, Institute for the Advancement of University Learning (currently Oxford Learning Institute), Academic Visiting Fellow, 2002 (six weeks)

Pontifical University of Chile (PUC), visiting professor, 2012 (two weeks) and (PUC and DUOC) 2014 (one week)

Japanese Universities (Tokyo, Tohuku and Hiroshima), 2015 (one week)

In addition, several keynotes in international conferences and seminars




Helsinki University Eino Kaila –award (Award for outstanding teaching; Teacher of the Year), 2004

Latest publications

  1. Exploration of individual study paths of successful first-year students: an interview study

    Lindblom-Ylänne, S., Haarala-Muhonen, A., Postareff, L. & Hailikari, T. Oct 2017 In : European Journal of Psychology of Education. 32, 4, p. 687-701 15 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  2. Psykoterapeuttikoulutuksia tutkimalla vaikuttavampaa opetusta ja hoitoa?

    Heinonen, E., Selinheimo, S., Pesonen, A-K., Paunio, T., Lipsanen, J., Melartin, T., Lahti, J., Lindblom-Ylänne, S. & Lindfors, O. Oct 2017 In : Duodecim. 133, 19, p. 1790-1797 8 p.

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewArticle

  3. The importance of evidence-based enhancement of the quality of learning and teaching in research-intensive universities

    Lindblom-Ylänne, S. & Breslow, L. Aug 2017 Strengthening teaching and learning in research universities: Strategies and initiatives for institutional change. Stensaker, B., Bilbow, G. T., Breslow, L. & van der Vaart, R. (eds.). Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, p. 187-213 27 p. 8

    Research output: Scientific - peer-reviewChapter

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Latest activities

  1. EARLI

    Hyytinen, H. (Speaker: Presenter), Virtanen, V. (Speaker: Presenter), Lindblom, S. (Attendee)
    30 Aug 2017

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventPublic Talks

  2. European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy

    Lindblom, S. (Attendee)
    17 Jul 2017

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventPublic Talks

  3. Principal's Teaching Award Scheme Forum 2017:

    Lindblom, S. (Speaker: Keynote)
    6 Jun 2017

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventPublic Talks

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Latest prizes

  1. Best Publication Award

    Liisa Postareff (Recipient) & Sari Lindblom (Recipient), 2016

    Prize: Prizes and awards

  2. Eino Kaila Award

    Sari Lindblom (Recipient), 2004

    Prize: Prizes and awards

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Latest projects

  1. DESTINED: Development of Student Intellect and Education

    Hyytinen, H., Postareff, L., Lindblom, S., Clancy, D. & Teviotdale, W.

    01/10/2015 → …

    Project: Research project_Research

  2. QNHE: Quality of Norwegian Higher Education: Pathways, Practices and Performances

    Hovdhaugen, E., VabØ, A., Stensaker, B., Maassen, P., Nerland, M., PrØitz, T., De Lange, T., Lindblom, S., Hyytinen, H., Haarala-Muhonen, A., Virtanen, V. & Hirvonen, H.

    Research Council of Norway


    Project: Research project

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