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  1. Wasmuth, Melanie

    Research Topics: 615 History and Archaeology (Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ancient CrossArea Studies, History of the Mediterranean and West Asian area of connectivity) , 5143 Social anthropology (Ancient Social and Cultural Anthropology) , 1171 Geosciences (Historical Cartography, Thematic Mapping)

  2. Wallis, Caroline

    Research Topics: 5143 Social anthropology (Social and cultural construction of collective identification, , Ethnic conflicts and identity claims , HIstory of Social anthropology) , 517 Political science (History of Political Thought, European History, Intellectual History) , 518 Media and communications ( Theory and practice of visual anthropology. Studies in diaspora and minorty media representation.) , 615 History and Archaeology (Identity construction in Ancient Near Eastern Empires, Rituals and ritualization in the Anci.ent Near East, history of science)

  3. Virtanen, Tea

    Research Topics: 5143 Social anthropology (pastoral societies, ritual and performance, dance, local expressions of Islamic religiosity, rural-urban dynamics, popular conceptualization of indigeneity, West and Central Africa, Cameroon)

  4. Vesterinen, Tuomas

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry) , 5143 Social anthropology (Medical anthropology)

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