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  1. rc_185_185_profile2.jpg

    Buenrostro Mazon, Stephany N.

    Research Topics: 114 Physical sciences (Aerosol science, new particle formation, planetary boundary layer, climate change, Atmospheric Science)

  2. Katriina_2.jpg

    Maaranen, Katriina

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Teacher education, Teacher education, teacher professional development, teachers pedagogical thinking, teaching practice supervision, teacher education)

  3. Macdonel, Grisell

    Research Topics: 613 Arts (Musical Performance, Musicology, Semiotics, Existential Semiotics, Philosophy of Music, Philosophy)

  4. 12191046_10102906017629340_555997392456097405_n.jpg

    Maeda, Eduardo

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Remote sensing, hydrology, Deforestation, Tropical Forests, Agricultural expansion)

  5. Maidhof, Clemens

    Research Topics: 515 Psychology (Cognitive neuroscience)

  6. Majander, Kerttu

  7. me.jpg

    Majumder, Muntasir

    Research Topics: 3111 Biomedicine (Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, Precision therapies, Multiple Myeloma, Hematology, Immuno-oncology, Genetics, Translational Medicine, Pharmacology and toxicology)

  8. Makhija, Sonal

    Research Topics: 513 Law (legal anthropology, ethnographic study of courts)

  9. Makkonen, Risto

    Research Topics: 114 Physical sciences , 1171 Geosciences

  10. hmc2014.jpg

    Makkonen-Craig, Henna

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (Discourse Studies, Genre Studies, Writing Research, Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Dialogical Analysis)

  11. stewart_makkonen-craig.jpg

    Makkonen-Craig, Stewart Alan

    Research Topics: 116 Chemical sciences (track, etch, polymer, membrane, surface, functionalization) , 114 Physical sciences (ion, beam, proton, accelerator)

  12. Maksimainen_Jaana.jpg

    Maksimainen, Jaana

    Research Topics: 5141 Sociology

  13. Maldovan, Ignacio

    Research Topics: 612 Languages and Literature (Argentinian language, Semantics, Cognitive Linguistics, Prepositions, Construction Grammar, Dialectology, El idioma de los argentinos, Latin American Literature, Nation and Language, Language policies) , 515 Psychology (Cognitive Science)

  14. Malecka, Magdalena

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy

  15. Malinen, Pekka

    • Museum Caretaker, Senior Museum Technician, Zoology

    Research Topics: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology

  16. Malinen, Tommi

    Research Topics: 1172 Environmental sciences

  17. IMG_20160527_202301.jpg

    Malkamäki, Arttu

    Research Topics: 4112 Forestry (Governance, Public Policy) , 511 Economics (Institutional economics, Ecological economics) , 517 Political science (Policy networks, Governance)

  18. Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira

    Research Topics: 5145 Social work

  19. _MG_8680.jpg

    Malmio, Kristina

    Research Topics: 6122 Literature studies (Finland-Swedish literature, Literary sociology, Minority literature, Parody, irony, metafiction, Spatiality, Modernism, Postmodernism)

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