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  1. Vasconcelos Vilaca, Guilherme

    Research Topics: 513 Law (Legal theory and philosophy, Transnational law) , 611 Philosophy (Ethics, Comparative Philosophy, East Asian Philosophy) , 517 Political science (Ethics in International Relations, China and East Asia) , 5141 Sociology (Social Theory, Systems Theory)

  2. Verboon, Annemieke

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (mind-body, anthropology, perception, Middle Ages, early modern period, epistemology)

  3. Vesterinen, Tuomas

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry) , 5143 Social anthropology (Medical anthropology)

  4. 08b3f94.jpg

    Vihanninjoki, Vesa Johannes

    Research Topics: 6160 Other humanities (Environmental aesthetics, Environmental humanities) , 611 Philosophy (Environmental philosophy) , 211 Architecture (Urban planning, Philosophy of architecture)

  5. Akun_v_it_skuva.jpg

    Visala, Aku

    Research Topics: 614 Theology (evolution of religion, evolution of morality, theological anthropology, religion and science, cognitive science of religion) , 611 Philosophy (philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of psychology) , 515 Psychology (psychology of religion, moral psychology, evolutionary psychology)

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