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  1. enrico.jpg

    Di Minin, Enrico

    Research Topics: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology (Conservation biology, Spatial conservation prioritization) , 1171 Geosciences (GIS, Spatial ecological and economic modelling) , 511 Economics (Environmental economics, Market and non-market-based evaluation techniques, Choice modelling)

  2. JohannaE_2017.jpg

    Eklund, Johanna

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Land use change, Accessibility, Spatial conservation prioritizations, GIS) , 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology (Conservation biology, Protected areas, Impact evaluation, Management of Protected areas) , 4112 Forestry (Deforestation, Environmental Governance, Forest policies)

  3. jte_potrait4_small.jpg

    Eronen, Jussi T.

    Research Topics: 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology (Ecology, Biogeography, Sustainability science, socio-ecological systems, ecosystem ecology, Functional traits, Species distribution modeling, Anthropocene, anthrozoology, Arctic research) , 1172 Environmental sciences (GIS, traits, Ecosystem functioning, community structure, Environmental Change, Climate Change, Climate adaptation, Ecosystem services) , 1171 Geosciences (paleoecology, Anthropocene, community structure, Climate science, ecometrics, paleobiology, Paleoclimate modeling, mammals, plants, climate proxies) , 113 Computer and information sciences (datamining, databases)

  4. MaijaH_2.jpg

    Heikkilä, Maija

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Paleoecology, paleoceanography, Quaternary Science) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Environmental change, Arctic, high-latitude lakes and seas)

  5. PasiHeikkila_.jpg

    Heikkilä, Pasi

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (mineralogy, X-ray analysis, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, electron probe microanalysis)

  6. Heikkinen, Pekka

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Geophysics, Seismology) , 114 Physical sciences

  7. Heimann, Martin

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Biogeochemistry, earth system science)

  8. Aku_Heinonen.jpg

    Heinonen, Aku

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (geology, petrology, bedrock geology, isotope geology, geochemistry)

  9. jussi030_1.jpg

    Heinonen, Jussi

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences

  10. jh_tuhat.jpg

    Heiskanen, Janne

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Geography, Remote sensing, GIS)

  11. olle_web4.png

    Järv, Olle

    Research Topics: 519 Social and economic geography (Urban geography, Human mobility, Urban planning, Accessibility, Transnationalism, refugee studies, return, ethnic relations, identity and belonging) , 1171 Geosciences (GIS, Mobile phone data, Social Media)

  12. AleksisKarme.JPG

    Karme, Aleksis

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Paleontology, mammals, fossils, paleodiets, ecometrics, paleoclimate, paleobiology, paleoecology, community structure) , 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology , 1184 Genetics, developmental biology, physiology , 216 Materials engineering (3D imaging, 3D printing, Laser additive manufacturing) , 214 Mechanical engineering (Chewing machine, Tooth wear)

  13. kkoho.jpg

    Koho, Karoliina

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Biogeochemistry, Marine science, Micropaleontology, Biogeosciences) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Ecology, Biogeosciences, Marine monitoring)

  14. photo.png

    Koivisto, Emilia

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Seismology, Tectonics, Paleomagnetism)

  15. 45653979.jpg

    Komminaho, Kari

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Seismology, Geophysics, Seismics) , 114 Physical sciences (Geophysics)

  16. Kotilainen, Anna

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences

  17. Loges, Anselm

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences

  18. MiskaLuoto.jpg

    Luoto, Miska

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Geomorphology, Periglacial processes, Arctic, Modelling, Paleoclimate, Machine learning, GIS) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Biogeography, Spatial modelling, Global change, Subarctic, Remote sensing) , 118 Biological sciences (Macroecology, Global change biology, Spatial ecology, Arctic habitats, Disturbance, Species richness, Productivity)

  19. Luttinen_naama.jpg

    Luttinen, Arto

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (volcano, magma, plume, geochemistry, isotopes)

  20. 12191046_10102906017629340_555997392456097405_n.jpg

    Maeda, Eduardo

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Remote sensing, hydrology, Deforestation, Tropical Forests, Agricultural expansion)

  21. Makkonen, Risto

    Research Topics: 114 Physical sciences , 1171 Geosciences

  22. IMG_0245.JPG

    Mod, Heidi

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Biogeography, Spatial modelling, Arctic, Alpine, Vegetation)

  23. CV_Moisseev_2018.pdf

    Moisseev, Dmitri

    Research Topics: 114 Physical sciences (Cloud and precipitation physics) , 1171 Geosciences (Meteorology, Radar meteorology) , 213 Electronic, automation and communications engineering, electronics (radar, signal processing)

  24. 28407628_10156244423087884_1895111627_o.jpg

    Moreau, Juulia

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Geophysics, geology) , 115 Astronomy, Space science (astrophysics) , 114 Physical sciences (Shock physics, Impact cratering)

  25. Niittynen, Pekka Oskari

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Spatial modelling, Remote sensing, Physical geography, Ecology)

  26. ID_Photo.JPG

    Penny, Amelia

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences

  27. Riedel, Marko

    Research Topics: 1171 Geosciences (Geophysics, Integrated seismic data processing, Seismic modelling and inversion)

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