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  1. Takkipotretti_.jpg

    Ahlholm, Maria

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences (Finnish language, Finnish as a second language, second language development) , 6121 Languages (Finnish language, Finnish as a second language, religious language, metaphors)

  2. 2016_07_15_13.00.45.jpg

    Aho, Laura

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (Latin language and literature, Greek language and literature, Epigraphy) , 615 History and Archaeology (History of Religion, Classical archaeology, ancient history, religions, society, and culture)

  3. marke3.jpeg

    Ahonen, Marke

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (classical philology, Greek language and literature, ancient medicine, Latin language and Roman literature, ancient philosophy, health in history, Galen)

  4. Terhi_DSC1849_vaaka.jpg

    Ainiala, Terhi

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (Finnish language, onomastics, Urban Studies)

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