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  1. Cowley_portrait_ttl_crop.jpg

    Cowley, Benjamin Ultan

    Research Topics: 515 Psychology (Cognitive Science, attention) , 113 Computer and information sciences (software project management, Machine learning) , 6162 Cognitive science

  2. BenjaminGold.jpg

    Gold, Benjamin

    Research Topics: 3112 Neurosciences (Neuroaesthetics, Neuroimaging, Affective neuroscience, Dopamine) , 6162 Cognitive science (Reward, Reinforcement learning, music) , 515 Psychology

  3. Granroth-Wilding, Mark

    Research Topics: 113 Computer and information sciences (natural language processing, Computational Linguistics, Computational creativity, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, language technology, Music processing) , 6162 Cognitive science (Computational Linguistics, Music cognition)

  4. JanneHukkinen.jpg

    Hukkinen, Janne

    Research Topics: 519 Social and economic geography (Environmental Policy, Environmental Governance, Sustainability science, Science and Technology Studies, Futures Studies, Arctic studies, Environmental social science, Science Policy, Science Communication, Sustainability transition) , 6162 Cognitive science (Cognitive Linguistics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Psychology) , 1172 Environmental sciences (Nutrient cycling, Carbon Capture and Storage, Forest Governance, industrial ecology)

  5. minna_huotilainen1_kuvaaja_kari_hautala.jpeg

    Huotilainen, Minna

    Research Topics: 516 Educational sciences , 3112 Neurosciences (Cognitive Neuroscience, systems neuroscience, music, language, learning, infant, fetus, ageing, plasticity) , 6162 Cognitive science , 217 Medical engineering (Magnetoencephalography (MEG), fetal magnetoencephalography, neonatal brain imaging, Electroencephalography (EEG), multimodal imaging, near infra-red spectroscopy) , 515 Psychology (memory, hearing, perception, attention, work fatigue, stress)

  6. Sakarin_kamera_1181.jpg

    Jokiranta, Jutta

    Research Topics: 614 Theology (Second Temple Judaism, Qumran movement, identity, sectarianism, rituals, Dead Sea Scrolls, material reconstruction) , 5144 Social psychology (social identity) , 615 History and Archaeology (Palestine archaeology) , 6162 Cognitive science (cognitive science of religion)

  7. Kauhanen, Henri

    Research Topics: 6121 Languages (historical linguistics, poetry) , 6162 Cognitive science (philosophy of cognition, concepts and conceptual change, mathematical modelling)

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