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  1. Turku_09062010.jpg

    Ahteensuu, Marko

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Bioethics, Philosophy of Risk and Uncertainty, Stakeholder/Public Engagement, Environmental Ethics)

  2. Hanne_Appelqvist_1.jpg

    Appelqvist, Hanne

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Wittgenstein, Kant, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Music)

  3. dscf0011.JPG

    Arppe, Tiina

    Research Topics: 5 Social sciences , 514 Sociology (social theory, French sociology, affectivity, Sociology of Religion) , 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of social sciences, Continental philosophy) , 615 History and Archaeology (history of ideas, history of sociology)

  4. TatianaArtemyeva.jpg

    Artemyeva, Tatiana

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (history of philosophy, history of ideas, Enlightenment, Russia) , 615 History and Archaeology (intellectual history, Russia, Enlightenment) , 616 Other humanities (intellectual communication )

  5. Aydinonat, N. Emrah

    Research Topics: 511 Economics (Philosophy of Economics, History of Economic Thought, Institutional Economics, Invisible Hand ) , 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of social sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Explanation, Models)

  6. WP_20170213_15_28_47_Pro_2_.jpg

    Backman, Jussi

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Continental philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, history of philosophy, ancient philosophy, Presocratic philosophy, Heidegger, Martin, Parmenides, Aristotle, Arendt, Hannah, Badiou, Alain, Meillassoux, Quentin, Derrida, Jacques, conceptual history)

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