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  1. Ahola-Launonen, Johanna

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy

  2. Turku_09062010.jpg

    Ahteensuu, Marko

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Bioethics, Philosophy of Risk and Uncertainty, Stakeholder/Public Engagement, Environmental Ethics)

  3. GPTempDownload.jpg

    Ameen, Suzy Joseph Ramez

    Research Topics: 5200 Other social sciences , 517 Political science (feminist political theory) , 611 Philosophy (Feminist Philosophy) , 518 Media and communications (Film Studies, Documentary) , 6160 Other humanities (Gender Studies, Feminist Theory, Postcolonial Feminism, Postcolonial Theory, Decoloniality, feminist ethnography)

  4. Hanne_Appelqvist_1.jpg

    Appelqvist, Hanne

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Wittgenstein, Kant, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Music)

  5. dscf0011.JPG

    Arppe, Tiina

    Research Topics: 5 Social sciences , 514 Sociology (social theory, French sociology, affectivity, Sociology of Religion) , 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of social sciences, Continental philosophy) , 615 History and Archaeology (history of ideas, history of sociology)

  6. TatianaArtemyeva.jpg

    Artemyeva, Tatiana

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (history of philosophy, history of ideas, Enlightenment, Russia) , 615 History and Archaeology (intellectual history, Russia, Enlightenment) , 616 Other humanities (intellectual communication )

  7. DSC_0607_5_edited6.jpg

    Aydinonat, N. Emrah

    Research Topics: 511 Economics (Philosophy of Economics, History of Economic Thought, Institutional Economics, Invisible Hand ) , 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of social sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Explanation, Models)

  8. Backman, Jussi

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Continental philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, history of philosophy, ancient philosophy, Presocratic philosophy, Heidegger, Martin, Parmenides, Aristotle, Arendt, Hannah, Badiou, Alain, Meillassoux, Quentin, Derrida, Jacques, conceptual history)

  9. MerjaBauters.png

    Bauters, Merja

    Research Topics: 113 Computer and information sciences (User Experience, Interfaces, Habits) , 518 Media and communications (Social media and learning, Practices, Meaning creation) , 611 Philosophy (Semiotics, Embodiment, Mediation)

  10. Belyaev, Ramil

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Diaspora, Tatar, Ethnicity, Minorities, Identity)

  11. Bergman, Mats

    Research Topics: 518 Media and communications (Philosophy of Communication, semiotics) , 611 Philosophy (Pragmatism, Peirce Studies)

  12. Blanco Sequeiros, Sofia

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (Philosophy of science, Philosophy of social sciences)

  13. IMG_3029_Copy.JPG

    Bourgeot, Liisa

    Research Topics: 611 Philosophy (History of Russian philosophy, Philosophy of Language) , 6122 Literature studies (Russian literature and culture)

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