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Further information on the affiliationStudy advisor in Microbiology

Curriculum Vitae

Recent and current posts: University Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Helsinki since the year 2004, Academy Research Fellow in 2008-2009, principal investigator in the Viikki Research Groups in Biosciences organization.

Research activities:  Wood-decaying fungi, their enzymology, genomics and transcriptomics (Project Ox-Red for the years 2011-14, principal investigator). Partner in international expert community on fungal genome annotation and comparative genomics. Collaborator in two ongoing joint research projects on fungal oxidoreductases as lignocellulose, lignin and xenobiotic converting agents. Fungal biotechnology research group of post-doctoral scientists, one doctoral student and undergraduate student collaborates with the prof. Annele Hatakka's research group on environmental biotechnology.

Previous activities and research projects: Collaboration in research on biosynthesis of lignin in wood (1998-2004), principal investigator in the EU RTD project PELAS (QLK3-1999-590) on basidiomycete oxidoreductases (2000-2004), principal investigator in University of Helsinki granted research project on fungal functional genomics (2001-2004). Post-doctoral participant in the national Center of Excellence on Microbial Resources (2003-2007).

Teaching expertise: Full-time university teacher (University Lecturer in Microbiology) since 2004. Experience in laboratory and group teaching, lecturing and supervising bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses and studies. Study advisor in Microbiology since 2009. Education in university teaching and pedagogy, with special skills in teaching and designing inquiry-based courses and seminars, assessement of learning outcomes, and supervision of writing of academic theses, research reports and essays.


Highlighted publications

  1. Lignin-degrading peroxidases in Polyporales: an evolutionary survey based on 10 sequenced genomes

    Ruiz-Dueñas, F. J., Lundell, T., Floudas, D., Nagy, L. G., Barrasa, J. M., Hibbett, D. S. & Martinez, A. T. 2013 In : Mycologia. 105, 6, p. 1428-1444 17 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  2. The paleozoic origin of enzymatic lignin decomposition reconstructed from 31 fungal genomes

    Floudas, D., Binder, M., Riley, R., Berry, K., Blanchette, R. A., Henrissat, B., Martinez, A. T., Otillar, R., Spatafora, J. W., Yadav, J. S., Aerts, A., Benoit, I., Boyd, A., Carlson, A., Copeland, A., Coutinho, P. M., de Vries, R. P., Ferreira, P., Findley, K., Foster, B., Gaskell, J., Glotzer, D., Górecki, P., Heitman, J., Hesse, C., Hori, C., Igarashi, K., Jurgens, J. A., Kallen, N., Kersten, P., Kohler, A., Kües, U., Kumar, T. K. A., Kuo, A., LaButti, K., Larrondo, L. F., Lindquist, E., Ling, A., Lombard, V., Lucas, S., Lundell, T., Martin, R., McLaughlin, D. J., Morgenstern, I., Morin, E., Murat, C., Nagy, L. G., Nolan, M., Ohm, R. A., Patyshakuliyeva, A., Rokas, A., Ruiz-Dueñas, F. J., Sabat, G., Salamov, A., Samejima, M., Schmutz, J., Slot, J. C., St. John, F., Stenlid, J., Sun, H., Sun, S., Syed, K., Tsang, A., Wiebenga, A., Young, D., Pisabarro, A., Eastwood, D. C., Martin, F., Cullen, D., Grigoriev, I. V. & Hibbett, D. S. 2012 In : Science. 336, 6089, p. 1715-1719 5 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  3. Agaricus bisporus and related Agaricus species on lignocellulose: Production of manganese peroxidase and multicopper oxidases

    Hilden, K., Mäkelä, M., Lankinen, P. & Lundell, T. 2013 In : Fungal Genetics and Biology. 55, p. 32-41 10 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  4. Puunlahottajat

    Lundell, T. & Mäkelä, M. 2013 Sienten biologia. Timonen, S. & Valkonen, J. (eds.). Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 21 p.

    Publication: Contribution to book/anthologyB2 Contribution to book/other compilations (non-refereed)

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Latest projects

  1. Fungal degradation and conversion of recyclable lignocelluloses

    Lundell, T., Mattila, H. & Kuuskeri, J.


    Project: Research projectDevelopment

  2. Fungcolife: Fungal interactions and life-styles on wood

    Lundell, T., Kuuskeri, J., Mali, T., Mattila, H., Shah, F. & Mäkinen, M.


    Project: Research projectCommissioned research

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