Citizen Mindscapes – Detecting Social, Emotional and National Dynamics in Social Media

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Mindscapes24 builds a research frontier for social media analysis by focusing on Suomi24 – Finland’s largest topic-centric social
media, and one of the world's largest non-English online discussion fora. We bring together researchers from social sciences, digital
culture, welfare sociology, language technology, and statistical data analysis, developing new ways of exploring social and political
interaction. We tackle Suomi24 from three perspectives: (1) the digital culture that produces social media, (2) novel visual tools and
methods for studying the digital content, and, (3) a small number of spearhead research questions, such as characterizing the types of
micro interaction, how heated debates might turn into political movements and how to detect emotional waves. In addition to an open
data set made available through the Language Bank, the results will be a book on digital culture, visual tools for social scientists, and an
international world-class conference in 2018.
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2018


  • The Suomi 24 Corpus (2016H2)


  • The Suomi 24 2001-2014 (Sample) Corpus, Helsinki Korp Version




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  • Interview by CSC: Curious about interaction

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  • Prisma Studio: Suomalainen nettipuhe synkistyi – mitä se kertoo meistä?

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