Anthropogenic environmental changes induce introgression in sympatric whitefish ecotypes

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Hannu Huuskonen, Takahito Shikano, Lauri Mehtatalo, Juho Kettunen, Risto Eronen, Anni Toiviainen, Jukka Kekäläinen

JournalBiological journal of the Linnean Society
Issue number3
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2017
MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed

    Research areas

  • Coregonus lavaretus, ecological speciation, gill raker, introgressive hybridization, reproductive isolation, speciation reversal, stocking, water level regulation, COREGONUS-LAVARETUS L., GILL-RAKER NUMBERS, POPULATION-STRUCTURE, SPECIES COMPLEX, LAKE WHITEFISH, ADAPTIVE RADIATIONS, MICROSATELLITE DATA, GENETIC DIVERSITY, COMPUTER-PROGRAM, BROAD WHITEFISH
  • 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology

External organisations

Huuskonen, Hannu
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Mehtatalo, Lauri
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Kettunen, Juho
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Eronen, Risto
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Toiviainen, Anni
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
Kekäläinen, Jukka
  • University of Western Australia

ID: 88728796