Pre-service chemistry teachers learning about integrated science education by collaboration and design - poster presentation

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Outi Maria Haatainen - Puhuja

Outi Haatainen, Maija Aksela
University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Integrated science education has been promoted by many science education researchers and educational reforms for its potential to teach the key competencies to cope in society in the 21st century and in making science subjects more interesting. Part of this is an understanding of chemistry and its role in everyday life.
In order to transfer integrated science education into chemistry classroom practices, it is not enough to ask chemistry teachers to implement integrated approaches into their teaching. We need to educate and support the teachers for them to be able to implement integrated approaches in a relevant manner that supports the pupils' understanding of chemistry as well as the key competencies at the core of integrated education. During fall semester 2016, at a master level course for pre-service chemistry teachers this has been one of the main purposes for making the students design, in collaboration with school teachers, their own pedagogical models and teaching material for integrated science education. The preliminary results of this case study show little conceptual change in understanding of integrated education. However, there are indications that the course has had a positive effect on students' willingness to integrate and their general skills related to research, design and integrated science education. The data needs to be further analysed for more conclusive results.
21 elokuuta 201725 elokuuta 2017


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