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My research project "Unfit for Citizenship: Eugenics and the Pathologization of Gender Nonconformity" advances and reconstructs earlier scholarly literature on 20th century eugenic discourses by examining the phenomenon of gender reassignment -related sterilization legislation in Scandinavian countries from a queer-theoretical and historical perspective. The research project aims to understand and answer the following questions: 1) how do certain forms of embodiment and gender expression come to be viewed as legitimately subjected to state-sanctioned sterilization? 2) What do various moral, psychiatric and political techniques around gender non-conforming embodiment and subjectivity reveal about a society, the nation-state, and notions of citizenship?

I am interested in biopolitics, social and political constructions of the fit and able-bodied citizen, dynamics of racialization as well as theorization of resistance. My research approach and interests are multidisciplinary and stem from personal interests in human rights activism. My latest publication can be downloaded and read at:

My research project is funded by Kone Foundation and the University of Helsinki Research Foudation

Teaching experience

Introduction to Feminist Thought and Action. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Ann Snitov, gender studies, The New School, USA. Fall 2015.

WNA310, Gender studies: Feminist Interpretations of Hannah Arendt. University of Helsinki (Spring 2014)

FFI220, Philosophy: The history of the mind-body problem. University of Helsinki (Spring 2008)


in political theory, Department of Political Science, The New School for Social Research, USA, 2017.
Ph.D in gender studies, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki, 2016.

MA in philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, Finland. 2006
MA in political science, Department of Political Science, The New School for Social Research (USA) 2010


Viimeisimmät julkaisut

  1. Hannah Arendt ideologisen rasismin alkuperästä ja seurauksista

    Honkasalo, J. N. N. 16 maaliskuuta 2017 julkaisussa : Rohkeus-blogi. 2017, Maaliskuu

    Julkaisu: ArtikkelijulkaisuE1 Yleistajuinen artikkeli, sanomalehtiartikkeli

  2. Hannah Arendt on the origins and consequences of ideological racism

    Honkasalo, J. N. N. 16 maaliskuuta 2017 julkaisussa : Rohkeus-blogi. 2017, March

    Julkaisu: ArtikkelijulkaisuE1 Yleistajuinen artikkeli, sanomalehtiartikkeli

  3. When boys will not be boys: American eugenics and the formation of gender nonconformity as psychopathology

    Honkasalo, J. 30 marraskuuta 2016 julkaisussa : Norma: International Journal for Masculinity Studies. 11, 4, s. 270–286 17 Sivumäärä

    Julkaisu: ArtikkelijulkaisuA1 Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä

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  1. Totalitarismin Synty -lukupiiri [Reading The Origins of Totalitarianism]

    Honkasalo, J. (Puhuja)
    8 huhtikuuta 2017

    Aktiviteetti: Puhe tai esitysKeskustelukutsu

  2. Applied eugenics? A genealogy of Scandinavian transgender sterilization practices

    Honkasalo, J. (Puhuja)
    23 helmikuuta 2017

    Aktiviteetti: Puhe tai esitysSuullinen esitys

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  1. Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö: Apuraha

    Julian Honkasalo (Vastaanottaja), 2008

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  2. American Scandinavian Foundation: grant for doctorate studies in the US

    Julian Honkasalo (Vastaanottaja), 2009

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  3. Oskar Öflun Foundation: grant for doctorate studies

    Julian Honkasalo (Vastaanottaja), 2013

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