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Lisätietoja affiliaatiostaPäivi Leino-Sandberg is Professor of Transnational European Law, University of Helsinki, and Deputy Director of the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights where she currently leads two research projects relating to the use of legal expertise in EU law making, transparency and participation. She specializes in EU institutional and constitutional law, and has published in the areas of European administrative law, Economic and Monetary Union and EU external relations. She has previously worked as Academy of Finland Research Fellow and Professor of International and European Law at UEF Law School. In addition, she has held visiting positions at the European University Institute, NYU Law School and Sciences Po. Before returning full time to the academia in 2015, she worked for over 10 years as a legal adviser for the Finnish government participating in numerous EU and international negotiations and Court cases.

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  1. Kansalaisaloitejärjestelmä vaatii lisää kehittämistä

    Leino-Sandberg, P. S. M., 6 maaliskuuta 2019, julkaisussa : Politiikasta.fi.

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  2. Hyväksytty/In press

    Book Review of Julio Baquero Cruz, What’s Left of the Law of Integration? Decay and Resistance in European Union Law (Oxford University Press 2018).

    Leino-Sandberg, P. S. M., 2019, (Hyväksytty/In press) julkaisussa : European law review.

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  3. Hyväksytty/In press

    Discretion, Economic Governance and the (New) Political Commission

    Leino-Sandberg, P. S. M. & Saarenheimo, T., 2019, (Hyväksytty/In press) Executive Discretion and the Limits of Law . Mendes, J. (toim.). Oxford University Press

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  1. HE 251/2018 vp

    Päivi Leino-Sandberg (Konsultti)
    1 helmikuuta 2019

    Aktiviteetti: KonsultointityypitKonsultointi

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  1. Transparency in the EU - From Reaction to Manifesto?

    Leino-Sandberg, P.


    Projekti: Tutkimusprojekti_Tutkimus

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