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  1. HIMMELI v1.0: HelsinkI Model of MEthane buiLd-up and emIssion for peatlands

    Raivonen, M., Smolander, S., Backman, L., Susiluoto, J., Aalto, T., Markkanen, T., Mäkelä, J., Rinne, J., Peltola, O., Aurela, M., Lohila, A., Tomasic, M., Li, X., Larmola, T., Juutinen, S., Tuittila, E-S., Heimann, M., Sevanto, S., Kleinen, T., Brovkin, V. & Vesala, T. 22 joulukuuta 2017 julkaisussa : Geoscientific Model Development. 10, 12, s. 4665-4691 27 Sivumäärä

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  2. Radiative transfer, interception and scattering in coniferous forests: models and applications for production ecology and remote sensing

    Smolander, S. 2006 Helsinki: Finnish Society of Forest Science.

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  3. Contribution from biogenic organic compounds to particle growth during the 2010 BEACHON-ROCS campaign in a Colorado temperate needleleaf forest

    Zhou, L., Gierens, R., Sogachev, A., Mogensen, D., Ortega, J., Smith, J. N., Harley, P. C., Prenni, A. J., Levin, E. J. T., Turnipseed, A., Rusanen, A., Smolander, S., Guenther, A. B., Kulmala, M., Karl, T. & Boy, M. 2015 julkaisussa : Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 15, 15, s. 8643-8656 14 Sivumäärä

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  4. Simulations of atmospheric OH, O-3 and NO3 reactivities within and above the boreal forest

    Mogensen, D., Gierens, R., Crowley, J. N., Keronen, P., Smolander, S., Sogachev, A., Noelscher, A. C., Zhou, L., Kulmala, M., Tang, M. J., Williams, J. & Boy, M. 2015 julkaisussa : Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 15, 7, s. 3909-3932 24 Sivumäärä

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  5. Comparing three vegetation monoterpene emission models to measured gas concentrations with a model of meteorology, air chemistry and chemical transport

    Smolander, S., He, Q., Mogensen, D., Zhou, L., Back, J., Ruuskanen, T., Noe, S., Guenther, A., Aaltonen, H., Kulmala, M. & Boy, M. 2014 julkaisussa : Biogeosciences. 11, 19, s. 5425-5443 19 Sivumäärä

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  6. A study of aerosol activation at the cloud edge with high resolution numerical simulations

    Babkovskaia, N., Boy, M., Smolander, S., Romakkaniemi, S., Rannik, Ü. & Kulmala, M. helmikuuta 2015 julkaisussa : Atmospheric Research. 153, s. 49–58 10 Sivumäärä

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  7. SOSAA – A new model to simulate the concentrations of organic vapours, sulphuric acid and aerosols inside the ABL – Part 2: Aerosol dynamics and one case study at a boreal forest site

    Zhou, L., Nieminen, T., Mogensen, D., Smolander, S., Rusanen, A., Kulmala, M. & Boy, M. 30 syyskuuta 2014 julkaisussa : Boreal Environment Research. 19, suppl. B, s. 237–256 20 Sivumäärä

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  8. Global emissions of terpenoid VOCs from terrestrial vegetation in the last millennium

    Navarro, J. C. A., Smolander, S., Struthers, H., Zorita, E., Ekman, A. M. L., Kaplan, J. O., Guenther, A., Arneth, A. & Riipinen, I. 16 kesäkuuta 2014 julkaisussa : Journal of Geophysical Research : Atmospheres. 119, 11, s. 6867-6885 19 Sivumäärä

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  9. Modeling New Particle Formation with Detailed Chemistry and Aerosol Dynamics in a Boreal Forest Environment

    Zhou, L., Boy, M., Nieminen, T., Mogensen, D., Smolander, S. & Kulmala, M. 2013 AIP Proceedings. DeMott, P. J. & ODowd, C. D. (toim.). s. 405-408 4 Sivumäärä

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  10. Large-eddy simulation of canopy effects on spatial distribution of chemicals and aerosols

    Zhou, P., Boy, M., Smolander, S., Oswald, K. & Rannik, U. 2013 Proceedings of FCoE in 'Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change' Annual Meeting 2013. s. 577-581 5 Sivumäärä (Report Series in Aerosol Science; painos Nro 142 (2013))

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