Hadi Ghasemi



Senaste publikationer

  1. Dentists and Preventive Oral Health Care

    Ghasemi, H. 2012 InTech. 27 s.

    Forskningsoutput: ProfessionellBok

  2. Oral self-care among dentists and dental students in Iran

    Ghasemi, H., Khami, M. R., Vehkalahti, M. M. & Virtanen, J. I. 2011 Unknown host publication. Vol. 2, s. 5 (Annals of Stomatology)

    Forskningsoutput: Vetenskaplig - Peer reviewKonferensbidrag

  3. Perceived barriers to the provision of preventive care among Iranian dentists

    Ghasemi, H., Murtomaa, H., Torabzadeh, H. & Vehkalahti, M. M. 2009 I : Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry. 7, s. 339-346 8 s.

    Forskningsoutput: Vetenskaplig - Peer reviewArtikel

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