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  1. Comparing languages using hierarchical prosodic analysis

    Simko, J., Suni, A., Hiovain, K. & Vainio, M. 2017 Proceedings of Interspeech 2017, Stockholm, Sweden. Baixas: ISCA, s. 1213-1217 5 s. (Interspeech )

    Forskningsoutput: Vetenskaplig - Peer reviewKonferensbidrag

  2. Acoustic Features of Different Types of Laughter in North Sami Conversational Speech

    Hiovain, K. & Jokinen, P. K. 2016 Proceedings of the LREC Workshop Just talking – casual talk among humans and machines, Portorož, Slovenia, 2016.

    Forskningsoutput: Vetenskaplig - Peer reviewKonferensbidrag

  3. DigiSami and Digital Natives: Interaction Technology for the North Sami Language

    Jokinen, K., Hiovain, K., Laxström, N., Rauhala, I. & Wilcock, G. 2016 Dialogues with Social Robots: Enablements, Analyses, and Evaluation. Jokinen, K. & Wilcock, G. (red.). Springer , s. 3-19 17 s. (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering; vol. 427)

    Forskningsoutput: Vetenskaplig - Peer reviewKapitel

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  1. Pro gradu -tutkielmapalkinto

    Katri Hiovain (!!Recipient), 2017

    Pris: Pris och hedersbetygelser

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